Graduation Products

Welcome to our Graduation Products section

       We offer a wide range of framing and design options to allow you to display your award and to give you a quality item which will remind you of your special day.

       Listed below are our most commonly requested designs. However all of the layouts and frame types are interchangeable, to suit your needs, or we can custom design exactly as you require.

       The sizes below the pictures represent the 'glass' size as different frames give varied 'overall' sizes.

       When you have chosen your product, there are contact details at the end of the page.

Sizes ... Product code 001 16x12, 002 20x15, 003 10x8, 004 26x15

size in inches (approx)


Sizes...Product code 005 20x15, 006 10x30, 007 16x12, 008 24x20

sizes in inches (approx)

CONTACT DETAILS                                        0161 707 2524